GPCR Network Outreach and Working with the GPCR Community

Transfer and disseminate GPCR Network expertise and technology to the broader scientific community and provide access to its processing capabilities, thereby increasing the scientific impact of PSI:Biology.

Expected Outcome:
Increase the rate of successful membrane protein structure determination and increase the impact of structural genomics efforts in answering important biomedical questions.

Outreach Initiatives 

  1. Increasing Structural Coverage of the GPCR Tree via Community Nominated Targets
    1. Developed mechanism to encourage nomination of new targets and ensure success
    2. Assist Biology Partners acquire funding
  2. Community assessment initiatives
    1. Dock 2010 – Assessing utility of GPCR Network structures as well as state of the art of model prediction and docking
    2. 2011 GPCR Structure Ligand Selection Assessment – community help in finding stabilizing ligands
  3. Technology transfer initiatives
    1. Long-term visit for methods training and structure determination
    2. Establishment of New GPCR Network Centers
  4. GPCR Network Web Site as portal on the biology of GPCR action
  5. Publication of studies

If you are interested in collaboration with GPCR Network, please contact one of the Principal Investigators, GO TO >>

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GPCR Network Images, available to the Community for Use