2011 GPCR Structure Ligand Selection Assessment Submission

GPCR Network Center

The following information will form part of a submission, on a per-ligand basis, for each ligand submitted to the assessment. Please download (right-click/save-as) template SDF files for either single compound submissions or if submitting a maximum of five compounds (for your convenience): single ligand template or multiple compounds template

-Stereospecific SDF file format
-SMILES format (within SDF file)

Relevant metadata (Strongly Encouraged):
-CAS Number
-Ki/Kd for at least one of the opioid receptors
-Aqueous solubility of either free form or a commercially available salt.

-Crystal structure of your compound, if available.

*Please note: If a specific compound has already been proposed, you will not be able to propose the same molecule a second time.

To upload your ligands for the assessment for pre-screening/upload, and for your convenience, please generate an sdf entry per each compound submitted along with the above parameters included within the sdf file. Please use your 4 digit ID number, provided to you during registration, to name the sdf file containing your ligand descriptions.

Please select a file to upload containing all of your ligand candidates:

Group ID:
File Submission: